Abdulaziz Adekola, Former President of Leeds University Law Society: 

“A group of talented students from the University of Leeds have come together to create an amazing resource for all those considering working at international law firms, though the information is applicable to any training contract within the legal sector.”

Andre Hebron, Student at the University of Leicester:

“The Legal Line Up helped widen my thinking during such an uncertain time. I wholeheartedly support the team’s mission and look forward to more great content.”

Dylan Levy, Student at the University of Reading:

“My experience with the legal line up has been truly brilliant and productive. With the legal line up, what you get is a team of young, inspirational, and exciting students from various backgrounds who have been in the same boat as all of us wishing to pursue a career in a law firm. The approachability and expertise of the team allowed me to reach out and ask for advice or feedback. Their progressive approach makes them truly interesting to follow and interact with. I would recommend to every person who does not know where to start to get involved.”

Hafsah Waheed, Future Trainee Solicitor at Norton Rose Fulbright:

“The Legal Line Up includes incredibly beneficial resources surrounding how to strengthen your skillset, commercial acumen and an insight into what it takes to succeed in securing a training contract.”

Tanzina Islam, Student and founder of Women in Law Society at University of Birmingham:

LLU is both supportive and collaborative [and] their services will excel because of their approach in being friendly professionals. Also, having experienced their incredible application review services, I had the chance to communicate with some of the other members of the team, and felt so much more confident in my approach.  I have no doubt my application came out stronger because of them.

Robert Hanna, Founder and Managing Director of Kissoon Carr

“As a fellow University of Leeds graduate, I was honoured to be asked by The Legal Line Up to be a Keynote speaker for one of their events to help contribute towards their mission of wishing to give back to aspiring lawyers! They are wonderful group of highly talented and motivated individuals, all working together as a collective to do good for the next generation of lawyers from all backgrounds; through sharing their own experiences, expert knowledge, strategic insights and careers advice. Highly recommend!”